What we do


Through discovering inner abilities from the youths and then we help them persue that which is of interest to them.


We empower the youths through promoting hardwork, endurance and eradication from all intoxications and drug abuse.


Grooming professional boxers from the youths as a way to shape and build their careers in professional boxing


Keeping track of members' progress and encouraging team work and coperation amongest them to inspire and motivate others.

Who we are

Boxing 4 Sensitization is an organization formed and registered to empower, motivate and skill the youths in Uganda through boxing.

All this to be achieved through a sport that has been loved for a very longtime by the youths; boxing. Reaching out to the very roots of society and making sure we achieve the following

  • Promote boxing as a sport.
  • Fight and eradicate drug abuse in the grass root communities
  • Empower and motivate the youths through building self-esteem
  • Skilling the youths in crafts making and other possible livlihood sources

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Our Major activities

Boxing Training session

Monday — Friday
10.00am — 01:00pm

Crafts making sessions

Monday — Saturday
03:00pm — 06:00pm

Community out reach

Everyday Sunday
03:00pm — 06:00pm

Sparring Sessions

Wednesday & Saturday
10:00pm — 01:00pm